The Uneventful Shower

As a stay at home mom, every shower must be scheduled.  (It’s even worse for a working mom-as there is that time factor).  A few things must take place before said shower can occur:

  1. Kids must be fed
  2. Baby cannot be crying
  3. Everything must be safe and securely in place with “no no” areas, promptly closed off
  4. Drinks and a snack for kids must be prepared and accessible
  5. Favorite doll and pull along vacuum-at the ready

Now Hurry!


Today, after much preparation, I watched as sidekick #2 removed the towel from the bathroom rack dragging it behind him out of room, returning only to pull every inch of toilet paper off the roll and onto the floor.


So at the end of my shower I stand, freezing, calling sidekick #1 to find my towel, trying to avoid creating clumps of wet toilet paper on my feet.  I wait, “patiently” as she hands me varying colors of hand towels, laughing.

Finally, a towel.

This moment makes me realize as I hear the words, “Let me just jump in the shower really quickly” no stress or worry in their voice, that  a shower is no big deal and even, dare I say, relaxing.  I think to myself: “I don’t know what that is!”

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