Fish Lake Relay: Race Recap

Another relay is on the horizon, but life has been busy and I realize, that I have yet to write a recap of the Fish Lake Relay.  We had so much fun as a group and we can tell you what it feels like to barely make it before the time cut off.  We can also share with you what it feels like to be really slow.  What we can’t tell you is how not to have fun when in the company of great people.  I have wonderful friends and for that I feel very thankful.

The Fish Lake Relay is a fun, inexpensive South/Central Utah relay race that is 64 miles and ran during the span of one day.  It’s a great opportunity for you get your feet off the ground in the world of relays and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

As per our usual relay running style, we decided to get all dressed up and go all out.  We decided on a Super Hero theme this year.

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We also had the bus to keep us in style.


We laughed and enjoyed the ride.  You start-up and then end going down hill.

It got really hot.


This is the downside of this race.  There aren’t a lot of teams, which is nice, but the atmosphere is lacking. I was missing the fun exchange points and the constant support along the way.  The teams in this relay were pretty serious competitors it seems.  We aren’t slackers by any means, but somehow we found ourselves at the back of the pack.

This is not a race for those just wanted to get out and have fun.  Be ready to compete or feel really lonely.

I am so happy for the crew we ran with, and for our awesome super dad bus driver, but overall, this isn’t my favorite relay.  I think the extra money is worth it…for the atmosphere….somewhere else.  It’s hard for me to say this because I love Fish Lake. It’s one of my favorite places, but there was just so much running on the back of the city roads where the beauty just wasn’t and opportunity was missing up in the mountains where the real magic is.

Here’s a quick video though of my awesome team…we had so much fun as a crew that’s for sure!

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