Bon Voyage

2015 is coming to a close.  As I sit to write this now, I thought how hard 2015 has been.  How much loss.  5 grandparents and one very special dog.  Not an easy year at all. But as I sit here now surrounded by my family I realize that 2015 hasn’t been all bad.  We have had some really great things.

1- Sidekick 2 is fully and completely potty trained… That is something right there!!  But on top of that, he was hospitalized for RSV and came home, healthy and happy.

2-Through small opportunities have presented themselves…new jobs that began small but have helped provide greater consistency for our family.

3-Speaking of consistency, it seems this year when I needed that consistency I was able to find it in the never-ending laundry and dishes…right there..that is something. Really it just showed me that I always had my most important!

4-We went to the Master’s Golf Tournament.  A long time dream for my husband and what a great time we had.


5-I completed the Ironman Triathlon.  All that hard work paid off and I made it! Seeing my husband and support crew at the finish line was one of the best feelings ever!


6-Sidekick 1 started Kindergarten and lost 4 teeth

7-I got to run 2 relays with friends and complete one small triathlon with family

8-We had a great camping trip with family

9-We got to fish and boat in our beautiful valley

10-I got to meet Princess Timpanogos up close and personal


11-Sidekick 1 got to see both a baby cow and a baby sheep born…heaven right there


12-I got a special visit from my Momma through the blessings of a Rabbi

13-I found love and support from great family and friends, especially my sisters….

14-I realized I am so blessed.  Even when things are busy and hard, I am so very blessed.

15-I have a lot to look forward to in 2016

Thanks for being a part of it all!


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