Baseball in Heaven

I just realized that I didn’t share this poem that I wrote for my Grandma Nina.  She was one more great loss in the year 2015. Sure miss that lady.  Her birthday just passed, and baseball is starting so I thought it would be a great time to check in.



Baseball in Heaven

I hope they have baseball in heaven

So she can stay up on her game

She’d talk about players their team and their stats

Their history, their strengths and their name

It’s hard to say who was her favorite team

Because it seemed the she loved them all

Whoever she talked to, their team was the best

And she knew them right down to each call


She watched every game no matter the team

No matter the time of day

New games, yes for sure, and old ones too

It didn’t matter, she’d watch them play

She’d talk and she’d laugh each time I’d stop by

About the latest call

I couldn’t remember the team or the game

But Grandma remembered them all


She was always so giving and always so kind

Her heart would show up on her sleeve

She was patient and caring and through all of this

A great blessing she gave to me

My Mary my step-mom this lady so kind

Who each day I am blessed to call mine

Was raised by this woman and it is in her

That I see how my grandma did shine


She passed on the traits of a person of strength

resilience and kindness shows through

She gave her the gift of love through it all

It’s the journey, and the kind things we do

She showed her that sometimes things will be hard

And unfair and not always kind

But by believing in good, and choosing what’s right

Love and happiness you will find


I’m thankful for her and for what she gave me

As selfish as maybe that seems

I wish I had more memories with her

As a child, or in my teens

All I have of her are as an adult

But I’m grateful for every one

She taught me to listen, and treasure the times

When family is together for fun


For it’s in those times that memories are made

And traditions are often begun

So embrace those moments and cherish the times

For it’s love that makes family one

So forgive and move on and be better still

Say a prayer and always be nice

And remember no matter the culture or time

Have sugar….but also have spice


My baseball loving grandma it’s finally your turn

I know you’ve been waiting so long

To return to the man in the frame on your desk

I know he’s waiting, arms open, in song

I hope that you know that you are so loved

and we will miss you every day

And I know we will see you, and it will be heard

“I love you,” that’s what I’ll say

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