A Mother’s Love

A Mothers’s Love

It’s not something that you see, they say, you’ll feel it in your heart

That may be true for some kinds of love but for some, that’s just the start

A Mother’s love is not the same as ordinary love

It’s a gift God gave to the babies when he sent them from above

I’m a mom myself, and so I know this to be true

But I also learned it from my mom in the things that she would do

Another great example of a Mother’s love to me

Is my sweet Aunt Rhea and her precious angel Nellie

I could feel that mother love as it flowed out from her soul

To that precious angel Nellie there’s no way she didn’t know

That mother she could show it though so even I could see

That mother loved her dolly and was as proud as she could be

It was in the way she spoke to her, or looked at her little girl

It was in the way she fixed her socks, or combed an unruly curl

It was how she understood her, no words did Nellie need

Her mother listened carefully with her heart and she could see

It was how gently that she moved her and helped her lay just right

It’s in the way she worried constantly and could hardly sleep at night

It’s in the way she fed her and always put her first

She was a mom, a friend, a companion and even was her nurse

She changed her life in such a way to make life better for them both

She always needed Nell to know that she always loved her most

She knew that Nell had favorite things and some she couldn’t stand

But one thing is for certain, Nell was part of the Casper band

She loved to play guitar, a tambourine, and sing aloud

So mother changed guitar strings, she smiled and was proud

 Nell loved to roll wheels on cars and other things that rolled

So mother picked them up and down, it never did get old

This mother I’m sure felt lonely sometimes in a quiet home

But she loved her girl, bigger than the world, and never was alone

Our Nellie was so very loved, by all who knew her heart

But none was bigger, than the love, she earned right from the start

Her momma loved her, so very much it made me truly see

That a mother’s love is endless as a mothers’s love should be

And it’s strong enough, I think, that even when space is vast

Like heaven and earth and farther still a mothers’s love can last

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