Jumping Hurdles

It has been ages since I have posted and I know that.  I have been super busy doing that which I want to do most.  Being a mom.  What I hope is a really great mom.

I left behind a job, no a career, that I loved where I was doing something meaningful and great.  It mattered.  It mattered to me and it made a difference for others.  I loved it.

I made the really hard (for me) choice to leave my job, that I loved, to be home with my kids.  It wasn’t easy.

I soon found that I needed to make a living, and I needed to keep thinking and working.  That was for me and I needed it. Luckily I found a way to do that.  With that has come some great opportunities and I am so very thankful.

But today, something really great came along.  Something that I wanted so much to be able to do, and I had to say “no”. It hurt.  It made me wonder if I am still the amazing person that I once was.  The one that I saw in my future when I was young.  But I said no because it just wouldn’t work for me. It wouldn’t fit into the schedule of the times when I need to be there for my kids.  After all, I did give up something great, and promised myself I was going to be even greater at my new undertaking…being a mom.  So I made the hard choice.  The choice to start where I am today everyday and bloom where I am planted, hoping that the opportunity arises again.  And then I was reading this book that my mother in law sent me:  I’ve Been Thinking by Maria Shriver and I found this quote.  It helped.  It helped a lot.  Maybe…I can still be an amazing person that makes a huge difference in the world……at home…and then the world through them.  Maybe, just maybe.  So today that is my focus for me.

And for those who don’t live in a place with a “drop in daycare option” no siblings or parents near by, I hear you. It was such a small thing that if I had the option like that I could have done it.  And if you have that option…please tell them thank you today.  Realize what you have is truly a gift.

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