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Mischievous Mom Moments

Many things took place within the space of two weeks.  I lost my mother, Mother’s day, and her birthday (Happy Birthday Today Mom).  I don’t want to mope, so instead, I thought I would share some humorous thoughts that I learned about my mom after her passing, that I really wish I could call and laugh with her about.  I think most mom’s will get this.


Nap time is not for the child. It’s for the mother.   No wonder she forced me to “take a rest” long after I ever slept.  Much needed time for a stay at home mom.  Recharge so I can return to the World’s Most Okay-est Mom Status.

That candy did not get thrown out-You ate it.  You Liar you.  I laugh now, so I know it is not a long-term damaging lie, which means I can use it with my own children, and I will.

Fixing a child’s hair is no easy task.  I now feel for all the times you told me to hold still and focus.  I understand the week you let me do my own hair as a child to see if it was worth it (backfired a little, I though my scraggly hair was great).  I now wonder if the time you dripped wax from my eyebrow onto my eyelashes (leaving a huge space afterward) was actually a retaliation for my behavior.  I am considering it myself even now and she is only four.

-It’s the littlest things that make a mom proud.  Moments only a mom can love.  The first violin recital, dance recital, or singing event.  A poop in a potty or at least close.  A hug and a kiss at an unexpected moment.  Or the first page of a first book “Pie went up the hill and met a horse and a mermaid.”  It’s amazing.  We mom’s love some pretty silly things, but it makes our hearts full.  You got it.  I know you did.

Asking a child to practice, almost makes lessons not worth it.  She’s my past coming back to haunt me-I know it.  Instead of playing the songs that are asked, she just wants to play her own. It’s like DeJa Vu.  How did you do it?

Having Multiple Personalities is hard work.  The time you put in to being the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy amazes me.  Sometimes I just want to tell them the truth, but no, you did it flawlessly. I just want to ask you, where you hid all the loot. I need ideas here.

When stopping to pee on a long road trip-it isn’t really always for the child. This mom bladder really sucks some days.  It’s just good I have tiny excuses, and I wonder how many times you used me.  Does it get better?

No no, it’s okay, I can run to the store.  It’s a getaway. Like a mini vacation in a busy week.  Even a busy store is slower than times at home. When the kids are with Dad, I will browse every aisle slowly as if there is something I must need.  List Schmist.  No wonder you liked trips to the store 45 minutes away.  Add a drive and it’s almost a day at the spa.

I’m a never-ending, cleaning, laundry, cooking, fixing, boo boo kissing and bandaging, horsey, ball throwing, diaper changing machine.  Sometimes that’s it.  But thrown in there, I’m also “Mama” the most loved lady in all the land.

When I open my mouth-sometimes I find you coming out.  Even the things I thought in my youth I would never do or say.  I realize as an adult that those were often the times that probably changed my future.  You were my mom first-always.  Sometimes it would be easier to just be the friend, “Nope that kids not mine-crazy parents” but you didn’t, and I won’t either.

I’m so proud you are my mom.  I wish we could laugh about this now.  I know there will be many more things that will make me laugh about you especially as I realize all the trickery that goes into being a Mom.  It’s hard word raising little people, but it’s a lot of fun too! Thank you! I am so glad you were born!


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A Day With An Angel


A Day With An Angel

I pick up the phone and dial your number

On this special day I always remember

I wish you would pick up the end of the line

So I could tell you how grateful I am that you’re mine

But all I have left of you now

Are the memories and lessons that you handed down

The pictures I have of your beautiful face

Are all memories now, another time, another place

I’d give almost anything to hug you once more

I wish there was a way to knock on heaven’s door

Just know that I love you my beautiful mom

And I’m very sad, that you are really gone

There are many who say you are always by my side

But I can’t see you, so I’m afraid you must hide

I wonder if somewhere there a magic concoction

A visit to heaven just might be an option

But until I find it, this will have to do

A make-believe day, just me and you

We’ll sit in the sun and drink our sweet tea

But when others will look, they’ll only see me

While you are dancing all around the moon

I will dance with you, in my living room

I’ll sit in the hot tub with my bottle glass of wine

And tell myself stories, “remember that time”

You take a ride on your horse to the sunset

I’ll tell my kids of the cowgirl they’ll never forget

We’ll talk about books and have a good time

Even though the only voice I’ll hear will be mine

But mostly I’ll cry and I’ll swallow my pain

Because I know on this earth I won’t see you again

I’ll forever enjoy these days with you, Mom

For inside my heart you’ll forever live on

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A Strong Woman

This Past weekend I had the honor of watching my sister Graduate from college.  I am so very proud of her and her accomplishment.  It was amazing to see her cross that stage and to watch the eyes of her children glimmer with pride.  I wrote this poem for her when her daughter was born and I think it resonates today as she shows her children what a strong woman and wonderful mother that she is.  Congratulations on your graduation Dear Sister!

photo (14)

A Strong Woman Some Day

I’m having a girl, are you sure? Check again;

I said to the doctor one day.

Whatever am I to do with a girl;

I understand boys and their play.

I don’t understand dresses and curls,

Dolls and things that are pink.

Or what to do when my daughter’s makeup,

Takes up the whole bathroom sink.

I don’t fix cute hair with ribbons or bows,

Or even ponytail curls.

I don’t wear eyeliner or stuff on my lips,

I just don’t understand this about girls.

I know I’m a girl and I should understand,

But these things are not quite me.

If I raise a girl and she learns what I know,

These are the things she will be.

She will always be strong and stand up for herself

no matter  what the price.

She will make others laugh and have their back

And will always have plenty of “spice”.

She’ll fix her own walls, and tires and doors and,

Won’t have to ask for a hand.

She’ll depend on herself and she’ll do just fine

She won’t have to rely on a man.

She’ll believe she is strong and that she has worth,

In everything just because.

And sometimes she won’t and I’ll catch her fall,

See, that’s what a mother does.

She’ll know how to laugh and smile with joy,

And I’ll hug her and hold her each day.

So when she is older and these times are gone,

I will know that she heard me say:

I love you, my darling, my baby, my girl,

Thank you for choosing me.

You knew when I didn’t, how great I could be

Thanks for believing in your Mommy!

For you and your brother are my greatest gifts,

The blessing I feel every hour.

And to teach you to be a woman who’s strong,

I am your mother and I have that power.

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A Review: Beatrysel by Johnny Worthen

I don’t usually read horror or thriller type books, but because I know Johnny, I had to give it a try.  It took me a little while to get into it.  Probably because it isn’t usually my style, but once I did. I really enjoyed it.  It’s creepy, intense and full of twists and turns.


In Beatrysel, you will take a journey through the occult, magic, and the world of demons.  It is so full of horror that I didn’t want to read it, but I couldn’t put it down. I hated it, but I loved it.  I didn’t want to turn the page, but I had to.  It is a masterful work and I truly look forward to Johnny Worthen’s next book.  If I dare.  I think I do.

You can find Beatrysel by Johhny Worthen  on Amazon here.

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Let’s set the mood here with this one. I want you to watch this amazing video by the 2 Cellos.  Think back to the “good ole’ days” and sing along if you know the words, only this time, insert the word “Awkward” every time you usually say “Thunder”.  Mood set-for some of my greatest Mom moments.

2 Cellos

You’re feeling it now…Song playing over and over again in your head (your welcome).  Bouncing to the rhythm, inner dialogue taking place.  Your ready…proceed….

I have realized lately that maybe the greatest moments of motherhood exist not in the big decisions, i.e. what school for them to attend, or sport they should participate in,  but instead in the small every day situations.  Maybe it is in our everyday dealings that we craft our children to become what they are when they age.  I wonder…If I made different decisions, would they become different adults.  I digress.  Enjoy and I hope to all that is holy that I am not the only mom that thinks this way.

Those awkward moments of motherhood:

Situation: Tiny Sidekick Poops in the tub.  (it happens)

Inner Dialogue:  I wonder if I can hurry and get them washed before I drain the water and clean the tub?

Decision:  Fine…Kids out, tub washed, re-enter for an official butt washing and cleaning.  30 minutes of time wasted.


Situation:  Slightly bigger sidekick throwing medium sized tantrum in store aisle.  (I say medium because even the leg kicking, screaming at the top of lungs-doesn’t compare to some I have seen at home.)

Inner Dialogue: There is an emergency exit right there.  I can run out the door screaming “I wish someone would control their child” and make my way around the store to my car.

Decision:  Smile politely at all passerby’s while teaching a lesson, “we don’t get everything we want,” and “throwing a fit, won’t help you get more.”


Situation:  Tiny one decides for the third week in a row that 5:30 is the appropriate time to wake up.

Inner Dialogue:  If I close my eyes and pretend I don’t hear him, will he go back to sleep…no?….I wonder if I got a small mini fridge and stocked it with bottles, could he open it and help himself? (not those kind of bottles people-I do have a line)

Decision:  A grumpy wake-up to address tiny needs in a very big world.


Situation:  Running short on time, but really wanting to ensure children get a well balanced meal, unfortunately, the news and all my Facebook friends just informed me, that the microwave removes 90% of nutrients from food.

Inner Dialogue:  By giving them the microwave steamed broccoli they are still getting 10% more nutrients than they would otherwise.

Decision:  Dinner can wait….Oh, who am I kidding, Pampered Chef that broccoli baby.  We can’t be perfect.  Next time I will do better.


Situation: A day out where I know I will see people that I know.   Bigger Sidekick would really like to dress herself in pretty dress with checkered leggin’s and a super duper awesome bow!

Inner Dialogue:  She can’t go out in that.  People will think I don’t care.  Does she really think that looks good? Where do kids come up with this?  Actually those shoes do kind of sparkle like the bow, maybe it will work.  But the hero cape and mask..hmmm..Ugh.

Decision: Refuse to crush that tiny spirit inside.  “Rock it Princess.  Let that inner diva shine!”

 IMG_8530 (2)

Situation: Tiny one poops, but I have just five minutes left of my show.

Inner Dialogue:  Nobody can smell it. He will be okay.  Does this make me a bad mom?  Why couldn’t you have waited oh tiny one?

Decision: Butts must be changed, but truly what is it with boys and poop?  Their timing…it’s crazy.


Situation:  Just 20 more minutes of work today and then we can enjoy our time, but kids are screaming in the background.

Inner Dialogue:  I started first thing this morning, so I could play with them.  Why can’t they just get along?  Maybe if I give them ice cream, unattended for breakfast, they will stop all this nonsense?

Decision:  Ice Cream. Clearly that was the right choice.


Situation: A quiet moment, while using the bathroom. Tiny hand sticking under the bathroom door waiting.

Inner Dialogue: I wonder how long I can milk this quiet time?  This chocolate bar is delicious, will they smell it on my breath?

Decision:  Shove chocolate in face, read last page of book and exit bathroom with a closed lip smile.  Pat child’s head on your way by.


Situation: Child screams bloody murder in the middle of the night.  They had a bad dream.

Inner Dialogue:  Someone is trying to steal them.  Bolt Upright and run to child’s bedside.  Child is crying and in tears about a bad dream they had.  Someone called them toothpaste face, it’s terrifying I am sure.  Please just buck-up buttercup and go back to sleep.  Mommy just fell asleep and is exhausted.  Can’t they do this on their own?

Decision:  “Come here honey.” Big Hugs!  Why don’t you paste your hot, constantly wiggling body to my side for the rest of the night so we can both get some deep fantastic sleep!  “Mommy Loves you!”


Situation:  My older niece and nephew and the epic battle of homework.  “Why do I have to learn this?  Why does it matter how I got the answer? This is how I think, why isn’t it right?”

Inner Dialogue:  Truly, you will never, ever use this in your whole adult life.  I have no idea how you got that, even if it is right.  Can I blame the common core? Everyone else does.  Most of school is really a waste, it’s the social part that really matters. Oh and the grades so you can get a scholarship and go to college so you can meet really great people (and/or get a piece of paper to help you get a better job-which is really-really important and will change your life).

Decision:  Encourage child to keep trying. “You may use this. How did your teacher show you to do it? Let’s do it that way.  That way you can get it right every time, not just this time when it happened to work out.”

It’s the tiny moments people. I am sure of it.  I may not always make the right decisions, but trying is half the battle right?  Please tell me you think this way.  Share with me your examples if you can. It will make me feel better and/or laugh my butt off.  I’m classy like that, really!

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Social Media: Moments Lost? Or not… Pros and Cons Discussed

I have been learning so much about social media, and the many platforms.  In doing so I have also been reflecting on my personal life and the impact that social media has had on me.  I thought of some of my life’s biggest moments: wedding, birth of my children, loss of my mother;  and some small moments: birthdays, fun activities, and my writing career.

So many articles on this topic are extreme to one side or the other, either that social media makes you lose the human connection, or that it is necessary and is creating a more globalized social structure.  In my experience it’s both, a road right down the middle.


Here is my list of pros and cons, and what I have learned along the way.


  • I can catch up. I now have information about so many people from my life’s story.  I know where they are, what they are doing, and what is important in their life.  Many, I would not still be in contact with if it were not for the online presence.  It also makes it possible when I meet a new friend to see where they came from and what is important to them.
  • My Grandma thinks I am a great family member. What?!?  Yes, this is one of the pros.  My Grandmother is not online, but when she asks about one of my cousins, I can often tell her what they are up to, and even show her pictures.  Automatic good graces and status of quality family contributor.
  • Today may not be a holiday, but it’s reason to celebrate as it is most likely, someones birthday, somewhere. It’s like a built-in calendar for candles and song.
  • Business and Marketing.  One of my friends recently said, “I never used Facebook very much, until I started my own business.”  The reach is amazing, and if used correctly, can make a huge impact on business success.  It also has been such a huge learning tool for me in my new business.  Learning the in’s and out’s and connecting with people in the right places.
  • Distance is not a factor.    I can keep in touch with anyone, anywhere.  It doesn’t matter how far away they are, I can still view pictures and see just what they are seeing.  Refer to Grandma.  Those pictures of cousins in other states and even countries-can’t be beat!
  • Major high fives.  Likes, Loves, Comments… I can share news or exciting information with all of my “friends”.  Even if they are not someone I would likely still be in contact with today, they can like something and show support.  It’s so easy to click a button in support and feel like you were a good friend-because it does matter.  When a child comes into the world-huge kudos to show of that new little one-from everywhere and everyone.  Who can resist commenting on a picture of a new baby?  Not me.


  • It makes it easier to be absent. A like or a comment in a post along with others is no substitute for real connection.  I watch this more carefully than I have in the past.  I realized, when my mother passed away and the well wishes came flowing in under the comments of a picture,  that it was great to have all the extra support. Until one of my dearest friends also posted that way.  No phone call, no private message, no card, no email.  It was easy to check the box of support by a simple comment.  Clearly missing the mark.
  • Conclusions can be made, and Feelings can be hurt. It is so much easier to read words, or see pictures, and miss the actual meaning in an assumption.  I am the first to admit that I have read posts or  comments, some not even directed at me, and still felt offended and hurt.  Upon reflection, usually I can see that it was never meant the way it was taken, but it happens, all too often.
  • When it’s posted, it’s out there. Everything you post is public.  Even when you set it to private, things get out.  Whether later by word of mouth by one of your friends, a screen shot, or an issue with privacy settings.  What you post, can impact your future, or even your now.  It’s a record of you. Who you are inside and out.  People will judge, they will question, and they will talk.
  • It makes it easier to support. It’s hard sometimes to see what is really great and important, because it is so easy to click like, comment, or love.  I have noticed on some of my posts that the likes don’t always reflect the views on the article I shared.  This tells me that people are supporting me (thank you so much) but I’m not really sure if they even read it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the support, but the clicks count too, so I am adjusting my own actions accordingly.
  • It’s your birthday?  I have not yet listed my birthday on any social media sites.  I am not sure why, but it’s a connection thing for me.  I guess I would feel a little silly if people were sending messages, and I know that the only reason they know this is through social media.  It feels a little distant I guess and just isn’t something I get.  Many say, “why not? The birthday wishes are fun”-so meh…that’s just me.

Looking at my list I realized that there are a few things I want to do differently.

  • I will be an active participant in the life’s of people who matter most.  Outside of social media, I will call when needed, send a card when possible, and try have the personal connection.
  • I will support my friends and their businesses because I see how important it is, and the impact it can have.  I will still click like. It’s easy to support.
  • I will take it one step farther when necessary with a personal comment or message to say, “this was great” or “how are you really”
  • I will filter my thoughts. Making sure to think before I post, hoping not to offend or upset another.  I want to make sure my actions will make me proud in the future.
  • I will keep making new friends, learning more about others and life, and sharing my experiences as I go along.  Social Media can be fun and I am really thankful for those I get to connect with. Even if it’s only online!

I am also learning more about the hierarchy of social support.  From basic to more advanced:

  1. A click: Like, Love, Favorite
  2. A public comment, Retweet
  3. A private/personal message
  4. An Email/public share
  5. A Phone Call
  6. A letter/Card
  7. Own post/topic in show of support
  8. A personal visit/hug/high-five

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I’m Art Inspired

This amazing art deserves a back story.  I once had a job that I loved (but I love what I’m doing more-trust me).  I worked with some of the very best people and I was able to help  kids.  For me, there really wasn’t anything better.  Limiting information, my dad provided a great opportunity for me to help one of these kids, by opening his home to him.  Pretty amazing right?

Last minute, I needed to take this student to his new home.  I wanted everything to be by the book and done right.  Two amazing men decided that they would be willing to volunteer their time and join me on my venture.  I was able to introduce them to my home town and the amazing Capital Reef National Park.

Ofa was one of those men.  He took pictures on our trip then, that my family still talks about.  He sees the world in his own way, and I like being able to view it through his lens.  He inspires me in so many ways-some of his pictures even giving me story ideas.  He took something that he loved and has worked at it until it has become something amazing.

A few of my favorites:











He probably will never push his own work.  He’s too humble for that, but I am so very impressed I will do it for him.  If you want to see some amazing pictures of Salt Lake City-He’s your man.  If you want to view some of the most beautiful shots of nature through a perfected eye-look no further.  He’s impressive. Maybe I am reaching here, but maybe he could even make a picture of me awesome (you know, letting the inside shine through)

Plus, he’s just starting out.  I would love nothing more than to buy so much of his art that I could pay him for every minute of his time that he gave to me, my family, and that kid, but alas, I can’t.  But maybe you can help me.  Check out his page and show him some support.  Good people like him need it!

Ofa’s Photo Page Find even more when you find him on instagram or twitter both @otfonua.

For my writer friends. I think he could do some pretty amazing graphics for an SFF or Steam Punk Novel cover-wouldn’t you say?

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Writing (Pitch) Contests From a New Twit

I recently discovered this medium called “Twitter”.  I know, I am way behind the times, but I always told myself a) I am not a Twit, and b) I don’t have that much to say. However, remember that writing conference that I recently attended?  In my moments of being brave and all that I could be I met one very kind person named Rae Chang.  She taught me a little something about Twitter in just one sitting.  See Twitter, isn’t always about what I have to say, but it’s about listening to what others have to say.  Listening-that’s my forte-I got this.


So I started Tweeting.  Where an author is concerned-it is a very, very useful tool.  Through Miss Rae I found a contest called “Pitch Madness.”  If writing contests were a dance, Ms. Brenda Drake, she would be the Belle of the Ball (along with her team-I am sure she would say.)

This contest included my submission of a 35 word pitch and the first 250 words of my manuscript.  I sent in my work and waited. Checking twitter every few hours, following new people in my same position, making connections and friends.  All was said and done, and I didn’t make the cut.  I had already learned so much though that it was okay.  It was worth it.  I received some feedback on my pitch and found that those involved remembered my story, and better yet-they liked it!  I even received a surprise email request from one of the agents in the contest.  I was elated.  This didn’t mean that I was going to get a deal, but it did mean that someone, outside of my family think my story just might be interesting.

Pitch contests may not be for everyone.  I like feedback. I know that failure is really just a setback on a long journey. A no-just makes me push harder.  These types of contests work for me, but I can see how they may not for others.

Pitch Madness was followed up with a Twitter Pitch Party where I constructed a number of 140 character pitches. I had, said pitches, scheduled to go twice per hour, only to learn that for three full hours, not a single pitch was sent (My lack of Twitter knowledge).  Ah shucks.  I had to revisit and send them manually-learning along the way.  The result-three requests and a slew of  new acquaintances. I may not get an agent from either of these contests, but for me HOPE is worth a lot.  I learned that my story does have a place and more than that-that I can be picky.  I can select only the right person or the right publisher for my book-someone that most likely participates on Twitter.  The reach is amazing.

In closing, Lessons Learned By This New Twit:


  1. Writing (Pitch) Contests can be fun, even when you fail.
  2. Getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new/nice people is really worth it.
  3. Being a Twit, isn’t quite so bad.
  4. Business and Marketing exist in Authorship and I got this.
  5. One day, my name will be on a published book! (How can it not with all that I am learning)
  6. Just because my story isn’t right for one person, doesn’t mean it won’t be for another.  (Keep that feedback coming)


Thank you so much Brenda Drake and the entire team at Pitch Madness.  What a wonderful learning experience for a new author like me.  A special thanks to Rae Chang for her kindness during a very scary experience-it may not have been much for you, but it changed my whole outlook on what being an author really means.  Your kind words led me to Twitter and Pitch Madness. Pitch Madness gave me hope.  You gave me hope! Thank you!

Oh, and Twitter, that’s my new medium. I am now an expert-I invented that place!  (okay not really-but one day)


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Black Hawk Down

Yesterday, I had the stomach flu. I found myself slicing bananas for sidekicks lunch, hunched over because that is the only way I felt relief and feeling like every slice of the banana was like a slice through my very soul.  Over-dramatic? Yes.  Real. Yes, yes, yes!

Today, I think I might live.

A friend of mine recently had a four-day bout with strep. I think we both realized, on different levels, that mom cannot be sick.  It doesn’t matter how supportive and helpful your husband is-the kids still need Mom.  As endearing and lovely as it feels now, at the time, the small requests and battles are very overwhelming.


I didn’t get the day off.  Instead, I found myself laying on a blanket on the lawn or trampoline while the kids played outside.  Trying not to move on the couch watching as our toy room became ground zero, the kids watching far too much tv.

photo (12)

I tried really hard to be gentle and loving, a good mom, but I fear I failed.  However, we made it. The kids are alive and well and incredibly happy to see mom her old self again today.

I would never venture to assume this battle is anything like that seen when an actual Black Hawk goes down, but in our little spot of the world, when mom gets sick, it feels very much that way.

But, as mom’s do, we get up anyway.  We make lunch, the kids still get a bath-or at least dressed-okay at least diapers get changed. Drinks get made, and kids still get hugs.  How we do it, I don’t know-but we do.  Being a mom is pretty powerful stuff.  It gives me power I never knew I had.

I also realized my sidekicks love me quite a bit.  They were awesome yesterday!  So, for each and every mother-I send magical, powerful, immune increasing fairy dust-cause being sick-well, it just can’t happen.

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10 Tips for a Great Interview

Following up on last weeks 10 Tips for a Great Resume post, here are a few more tips to helping you land the job of your dreams.

1-From Head to Toe, It all Will Show. You must look the part, from your head to your feet.  This includes your hair style and your shoes.  Yes, they will notice the dirty old converse shoes with your nice tie, and they will know that the shoes, are probably the real representation of what you will dress like everyday.  What they won’t know is where you got your clothes, so head on over to a thrift store and find something that looks nice.


2-Shake Like a Fish, for a Job You’ll Still Wish.  Start the interview right, with a firm confident hand shake.  Don’t crush hands, but show you belong there and that you believe in yourself through all of your actions.  If you are struggling with your own confidence, reach deep, practice in the mirror and find it.

3-From First Sight, They’ll Know if You’re Right. First impressions are real.  I knew within the first minute of the interview if I was going to hire that person or not.  I can only remember 2 times where I changed my mind because the interview didn’t match my first impression.  It matters-get it right.  It’s okay to be nervous, but be confident and believe in yourself. (It’s harsh, I know, but it is true.  I did change my mind though, so don’t give up if you think you may have bombed)

4-A Sentence or Two, and That Will Do. When asked a question, answer it.  Give an example if you can. Then end.  Trust me, the more you talk, does not make you look smarter or more fitting for the job.  In fact, the interviewer probably has a full day of interviews to check off their list, and they have already made their mind up about you (see previous).  Don’t be the person that puts them behind schedule because they are too kind to cut you off.  An indicator that you are talking too much:  the interviewer is doodling on a notepad because they are bored, or you having to ask them to repeat the question halfway through your own story.  Keep that positive impression rolling with your task oriented-to the point-answers.

5-Research and Know, Before you Go. Know what you are applying for.  Make sure before you show up that you have read the job description and understand the tasks.  Take time to get to the know the company and make sure it is a good fit for you. This will also help you as you prepare for the interview to emphasis your skills and talents that match with the company vision. It is a good idea to have a couple of questions to ask at the end, in relation to the company, but certainly isn’t required.

6-At Five To,,,, The Late One is You. Be ten minutes early.  This shows it matters to you. It also is a representation of future performance.  This is a big deal, so when asked in the future to do something important, this shows you will make it happen. Truthfully, they most likely won’t know you were there early, however, they will know if you are late, and just on the off chance they are ready to go a couple of minutes early and you aren’t there….then they notice.  Don’t take that chance.  Be early, it helps your confidence, nothing worse than feeling rushed to add to the level of stress. Traffic does happen, and if for some reason you are ill prepared: Call and let them know you are running late.

7-If You Can Do It, Prove It. When asked a question, always (within a reasonable amount of sentences), give an example of a time when you have done something similar or applicable. It is a good idea to have ten great examples of things you have done above and beyond, prepared and written down prior to the interview, this way, when asked a question you can choose from one of those ten which applies to the question.  If you think about it, you can probably make it work by focusing on different parts of the activity.  This shows application skills, hard work, and can be a time to show off your awesomeness!

8-I’m not weak, I’m an Improving Freak. You will most likely be asked for your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.  We all have them.  When asked what your greatest weakness is, make sure you answer in a way that also highlights your strengths, example: “My greatest opportunity is time management, however, I am aware of this and have made great strides to improve. Some of the ways that I have found work for me is by utilizing my outlook calendar and creating task lists on my desktop with sticky notes that I get to check off when I complete it.”  See-we all have “opportunities” but this is an example of showing improvement.

9-You Got This Far, Now Be a Star. Getting the interview is the hardest part.  There is a reason you are here-so believe in yourself and your abilities.  If you don’t think you can do the job, it will show.  Likewise, if you know you will be great, they will see it in all that you say.  Apply above what you have done in the past, and challenge yourself to improve.

10-If You Choose to Lie, It Probably Won’t Fly.  Nobody is perfect.  You are looking for a job for a reason, know what that is.  Hopefully, it is because you want to improve and this position is up from where you are.  If you have a track record of job hopping, maybe you need to look at yourself, honestly.  If you lie about where you have been or what you have done, it will come out in your job performance if not in the interview itself.  Don’t be that person, instead honestly look at your past and come up with some examples of what you have done well and stick to it.  Believe in a better future for yourself and become it.


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