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10 Tips for a Great Interview

Following up on last weeks 10 Tips for a Great Resume post, here are a few more tips to helping you land the job of your dreams.

1-From Head to Toe, It all Will Show. You must look the part, from your head to your feet.  This includes your hair style and your shoes.  Yes, they will notice the dirty old converse shoes with your nice tie, and they will know that the shoes, are probably the real representation of what you will dress like everyday.  What they won’t know is where you got your clothes, so head on over to a thrift store and find something that looks nice.


2-Shake Like a Fish, for a Job You’ll Still Wish.  Start the interview right, with a firm confident hand shake.  Don’t crush hands, but show you belong there and that you believe in yourself through all of your actions.  If you are struggling with your own confidence, reach deep, practice in the mirror and find it.

3-From First Sight, They’ll Know if You’re Right. First impressions are real.  I knew within the first minute of the interview if I was going to hire that person or not.  I can only remember 2 times where I changed my mind because the interview didn’t match my first impression.  It matters-get it right.  It’s okay to be nervous, but be confident and believe in yourself. (It’s harsh, I know, but it is true.  I did change my mind though, so don’t give up if you think you may have bombed)

4-A Sentence or Two, and That Will Do. When asked a question, answer it.  Give an example if you can. Then end.  Trust me, the more you talk, does not make you look smarter or more fitting for the job.  In fact, the interviewer probably has a full day of interviews to check off their list, and they have already made their mind up about you (see previous).  Don’t be the person that puts them behind schedule because they are too kind to cut you off.  An indicator that you are talking too much:  the interviewer is doodling on a notepad because they are bored, or you having to ask them to repeat the question halfway through your own story.  Keep that positive impression rolling with your task oriented-to the point-answers.

5-Research and Know, Before you Go. Know what you are applying for.  Make sure before you show up that you have read the job description and understand the tasks.  Take time to get to the know the company and make sure it is a good fit for you. This will also help you as you prepare for the interview to emphasis your skills and talents that match with the company vision. It is a good idea to have a couple of questions to ask at the end, in relation to the company, but certainly isn’t required.

6-At Five To,,,, The Late One is You. Be ten minutes early.  This shows it matters to you. It also is a representation of future performance.  This is a big deal, so when asked in the future to do something important, this shows you will make it happen. Truthfully, they most likely won’t know you were there early, however, they will know if you are late, and just on the off chance they are ready to go a couple of minutes early and you aren’t there….then they notice.  Don’t take that chance.  Be early, it helps your confidence, nothing worse than feeling rushed to add to the level of stress. Traffic does happen, and if for some reason you are ill prepared: Call and let them know you are running late.

7-If You Can Do It, Prove It. When asked a question, always (within a reasonable amount of sentences), give an example of a time when you have done something similar or applicable. It is a good idea to have ten great examples of things you have done above and beyond, prepared and written down prior to the interview, this way, when asked a question you can choose from one of those ten which applies to the question.  If you think about it, you can probably make it work by focusing on different parts of the activity.  This shows application skills, hard work, and can be a time to show off your awesomeness!

8-I’m not weak, I’m an Improving Freak. You will most likely be asked for your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.  We all have them.  When asked what your greatest weakness is, make sure you answer in a way that also highlights your strengths, example: “My greatest opportunity is time management, however, I am aware of this and have made great strides to improve. Some of the ways that I have found work for me is by utilizing my outlook calendar and creating task lists on my desktop with sticky notes that I get to check off when I complete it.”  See-we all have “opportunities” but this is an example of showing improvement.

9-You Got This Far, Now Be a Star. Getting the interview is the hardest part.  There is a reason you are here-so believe in yourself and your abilities.  If you don’t think you can do the job, it will show.  Likewise, if you know you will be great, they will see it in all that you say.  Apply above what you have done in the past, and challenge yourself to improve.

10-If You Choose to Lie, It Probably Won’t Fly.  Nobody is perfect.  You are looking for a job for a reason, know what that is.  Hopefully, it is because you want to improve and this position is up from where you are.  If you have a track record of job hopping, maybe you need to look at yourself, honestly.  If you lie about where you have been or what you have done, it will come out in your job performance if not in the interview itself.  Don’t be that person, instead honestly look at your past and come up with some examples of what you have done well and stick to it.  Believe in a better future for yourself and become it.


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A Review: One Boy, No Water

One Boy, No Water is the first book in the Niuhi Shark Saga by Lehua Parker.

The only negative to reading One Boy, No Water was that I read it during the winter and it left me longing for warm sun, sandy beaches and shaved ice.  Zader is a young Hawaiian Boy that is allergic to water.  He works to find his place in the world on an island where the water is the source for so much life.  Zader, his brother, friends, and most important his Uncle, will draw you into the story and the way of life in Hawaii.  It was such fun, for a main-lander like myself, to learn through Zader’s eyes what the Hawaiian culture is really like.  I enjoyed learning of typical food, free time activities, and learning the words and dialect used in every day conversations.  Most importantly though, I love the characters, the stories, and the great adventures that take place.  I am hoping for an Uncle Kahuna of my own some day.  Parker has a way with humor that will keep you engaged and laughing while you dream of beach vacations.  I highly recommend this book not only to the young reader population that it was intended for, but also for those who enjoy feeling young and reading great tales.  I look forward to the next book in the series.

You can find One Boy, No Water at:  http://www.amazon.com/One-Water-Niuhi-Shark-Saga-ebook/dp/B00I2FWTZ4/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1394115230&sr=1-1&keywords=one+boy+no+water


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ABC’s and 123’s for my Children

As a second installment to my at home ABC’s, the framework for so much in learning.  I created the ABC’s  and 123’s for my Children.


Always be you

Believe in yourself

Create your own luck

Dream big

Everyone has good in them, but if they aren’t good for you, love them from afar

Family first and Always

God loves you

Happiness comes from within

I Love You

Just because it didn’t happen the first time, doesn’t mean it won’t

Keep trying

Love yourself

Make good friends and keep good friends by being a good friend

Nobody matters more than you

Only you can make your dreams come true

Perfection doesn’t exist

Quit comparing yourself to others-you are your best you

Remember your worth

Sometimes life isn’t fair, you can do it

Try your best

Use your brain, and stay safe

Very special memories are often disguised as everyday moments-embrace them

When times are hard, call your mom. I will always be here for you.

X-tra special, that’s what you are

You are beautiful

Zero. The number of moments in a day I’m not thinking of and loving you.


1- thing per day for you, that makes you happy

2- times each day to tell someone else “You matter”

3- times each day to look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I matter”

See previous: My Motherhood ABC’s and 123’s


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My Motherhood ABC’s and 123’s

We are in preschool mode at our house. Seeing the ABC’s as the framework for so much, I started thinking about how they can guide me too.

From my Children to me, my Motherhood ABC’s.


Always be my friend. I know you are my mom, but be my friend too

Be there for me. No matter what, even when I am wrong.

Create with me.  Help my imagination grow.

Don’t forget yourself. I learn what life should look like by watching you.

Everyday matters. Help me see this.

Family first and always.

God loves me. God loves you.

Happiness comes from within. Then it shines out. Let yours shine.

I matter. So do you. I will believe I do, when I see you do.

Just because it didn’t happen this time, doesn’t mean it won’t.  Don’t you give up on your dreams either.

Kisses and Hugs show everyday love. I love them. Even when I grow older, keep trying, I will remember.

Let me grow.  Teach me right and let me go.

Making mistakes is a part of life.  Help me to learn and make better choices next time.

Never forget your are my mom.  Be my friend, but be my mom first.

One day at a time.  I am a work of art.  The Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day.

Perfection doesn’t exist.  It’s okay to make mistakes.

Quit trying to be like everyone else’s mom.  You are my mom for a reason and I need you just the way you are.

Read to me.  Lifelong lessons can be found in books, and the time spent together.

Smile when you feel it, and cry when you don’t.  Let your emotions show, so I will learn too that this is okay.

Tell me about when you were my age.  I want to be like you, show me that you were once like me.

Understand me.  Let me tell you about what I think too, then help me learn and grow.

Very special memories for me, are often disguised as everyday moments for you.  It’s the small things.

What matters most is time with you.  Not the prizes and toys, but time.

X-tra special, that’s what you are.  I love you and I think you are the very best in the whole wide world.

Yell less. Explain more.

Zero.  The number of times I haven’t been glad you are my mom.  Even if I say otherwise, I wouldn’t want any mom but you.


123’s Everyday

1– thing for you, as a person, to make you happy and whole

2– things for me, with you at my side, on my own level

3– chances to learn something new from you. The small things matter. Explain something I don’t understand. Teach me a new word or a new way of doing things.  Even if I don’t get it today, I might tomorrow.

(Coming soon-ABC’s and 123’s to my children)

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My Six Pack Abs

Health and well-being have always been important to me. I have been very active most of my life-until I had children.  Then I found myself chasing them as my main form of exercise (which is a lot for our active family).  I attempted to get back into the swing of things the other day.  It looked a little something like this:

photo (2)

Sidekick 1 at the reins, Sidekick 2-paperweight.

After about 10 minutes, Sidekick 1 found some other things to do.  Sidekick 2 following shortly thereafter.

Yes-Get that workout on.

What is that smell?

Paperweight returns

Oh, he was just pooping.

And that my friends is why I am in such good shape!

Before your mind races about taking the time: I could get up early (but 5:30 with #2 is already early enough). I could take time in the evening when Dad is home (but I enjoy time with my family). So for now, I will just do what I can, until Summer comes and we can venture out together.

Quick Plug:

If like me, you choose to work out at home, and don’t quite know what to do.  I have a really amazing friend who will come to your home and design a workout just for you.  You can keep having her come as motivation, or take over after you learn some great tips.  Check her out: Fit at Home

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The Uneventful Shower

As a stay at home mom, every shower must be scheduled.  (It’s even worse for a working mom-as there is that time factor).  A few things must take place before said shower can occur:

  1. Kids must be fed
  2. Baby cannot be crying
  3. Everything must be safe and securely in place with “no no” areas, promptly closed off
  4. Drinks and a snack for kids must be prepared and accessible
  5. Favorite doll and pull along vacuum-at the ready

Now Hurry!


Today, after much preparation, I watched as sidekick #2 removed the towel from the bathroom rack dragging it behind him out of room, returning only to pull every inch of toilet paper off the roll and onto the floor.


So at the end of my shower I stand, freezing, calling sidekick #1 to find my towel, trying to avoid creating clumps of wet toilet paper on my feet.  I wait, “patiently” as she hands me varying colors of hand towels, laughing.

Finally, a towel.

This moment makes me realize as I hear the words, “Let me just jump in the shower really quickly” no stress or worry in their voice, that  a shower is no big deal and even, dare I say, relaxing.  I think to myself: “I don’t know what that is!”

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A Review: Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington was recently recommended to me in the online book club: Bring Your Own Book Club (Do Join If You Like to Read).  Plus, she is local, so I thought I would give it a try and I am so very glad that I did.


Joclyn is magical.  In many ways, but has no idea just how magical she really is. With best friend, Ryland, by her side, she struggles to find herself during the awkward teenage years.  What she does find is much more than she bargains for, when a mark on her neck that she has tried to keep hidden her entire life, ends up changing her world forever.  From climbing trees, to throwing cars, this books keeps you hooked and enthralled from the get go.  I like Joclyn, I really do.  This is a must read for any fan of YA Fantasy Fiction especially those who enjoy a strong female lead.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series.  Stay tuned!

You can find Kiss of Fire here: http://www.amazon.com/Kiss-Fire-Imdalind-Rebecca-Ethington-ebook/dp/B009ZF5SLM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1389460254&sr=8-5&keywords=rebecca+ethington

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5 Reasons To Go To A Writing Conference

I was incredibly nervous to attend my first Writing Conference.  I was going to be in the presence of many amazing and accomplished authors, not to mention my competition.  It was a little overwhelming for me.  I decided to do it anyway. My goals: learn a lot, approach at least one person and talk about my story, get out of my comfort zone, and improve my confidence.   I was riding with a couple of said amazing writers who were kind enough to even come and pick me up.

I made an entrance to the Life The Universe and Everything Conference.

It started with a fall, flat on my back as I approached the car.  Not what I had planned.

It was icy, and I was mortified.

Author 1 and Author 2-so kind!

It got much better from there. You see, when you start flat on your back, there really is only one way to look,and that’s up.  So I started climbing to the light.


I embraced the conference and I learned the following things:

1: I may have been overdressed.  It was a long climb up people.  I am so used to business conferences and the idea of looking professional when presenting oneself to the world. My slacks and sweater were not the common apparel.  I missed the boat on this when I chose not to wear my flashing eyes headband or tie dyed shirt and bathrobe.  For me though, I was comfortable in myself and this helped my confidence.

2: Writers are very nice people.  Conversations came easy and I found that I was enjoying meeting new people.  People offered to read my book and query letter, just because they could and thought it might help me.  People smiled and looked me in the eye as they said hello.  For a bunch of covert home bodies who write in their basements, people skills overall, not too bad!

3: Query letters have only three parts, but are really really hard. I am still waiting for the day when I can say, “Nailed It” but for now, I go back to the drawing board to continue working on the shortest, but most difficult process of my entire book so far. Key takeaways: I have a book, not a series.  I need to work on selling just one.  Also, don’t ask questions in the query, make statements that bring emotion.

4: Be prepared with a pitch and a card. I didn’t have either, so I found myself floundering a little.  Author cards were like pogs back in the day.  Everyone was slapping them out on the table. I felt a little left out.  Followed closely by my name, (and sometimes before, I was asked what my book was about.  I was more used to getting to know people by what they do other than write, that this was a challenge for me.  I am working on something though so I will be prepared next time.  It’s that confidence piece I need to work on and be prepared.  Writing is a business, not just finishing a manuscript.  I am selling something after all.

5: Writing conferences are really really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I came out of my shell and talked to people I didn’t know.  I told a lot about my story and made connections with people who might actually be able to help me get my book published, at least by giving me feedback and ideas.  I met some great people and took away so many notes.

If you have the chance to attend a conference, I highly recommend it.  It is a great way to really get your feet into the world of writing and decide if it is something you are really committed to.  I am and I am so happy that I didn’t just walk back into my house, but instead, I looked up, and I climbed my way out.



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An Olympic Sized Lesson

This is really a guest post by my girl one, but she is a little too small to type on her own just yet.

We love the Olympics at our house.  After watching one evening my four year old came up with an idea. An idea of Epic Proportions.  “Let’s have our own Olympics!”

Yes, Let’s!!

So the next morning she woke up with big plans for our little family.  It came with crafts.  Lots of crafts.  We made a torch, medals, and a US Flag.


The key to the post lies here.

She made them.  Yes I helped when asked, but she did most of the work.  She wrote the numbers, she cut the flames, she picked the ribbon all of it.  The result-super cool medals for everyone, one cool torch, a unique America flag, and one very happy and proud little girl.  I could have taken over a little more, helped her write the letters, or cut individual flames for the torch, then, taken pictures of the final product and pinned them to pintrest.  I may have gotten a few likes from my very supportive friends, but instead I let her run with it.  She was delighted, her whole face showed it.  These were her Olympics.

Next up, the events.  She was most excited about the speed skating and the figure skating.  We live in a climate that we could have made some events outside, but she had other plans.  Blankets covered the floor of our speed skating ring.  The keyboard acted as background to our figure skating competition.  We had a mattress and pillows for our ski jumping, and used farm animals for a grand curling competition.  We even had the torch ceremony with real Olympic background music where we talked about being Americans.

The events were so much fun.  She wanted to win them all.  But she didn’t.  We learned lessons on being happy for others and working hard.  We laughed so much and made so many memories that this will absolutely happen every Olympics.


The truth is: My sidekick is actually the one teaching me. Her creativity has no limits.  If I give her the rains just a little, this girl child can run free.  What an inspiration.  I am looking forward to seeing, just how she is going to change the world, because no doubt, she will move mountains.  I need to see the world through her eyes a little more, and mine a little less.  She sees everything, even if sometimes I think she is too young to understand.  Even when I think she is too young to participate, maybe, I just need to look more from her level so even I can enjoy life a little more.

Go get ’em America!  Our whole family is cheering for you!  Lesson learned!

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I haven’t read a Zombie book in a long time, since I finished the Forest of Hands and Teeth Series, which I loved. But Nerf recently released a group of weapons specifically for the hunting of Zombies, so I decided it was due time to read another one, so I selected Medora by Wick Welker.


There is an art to writing a book about Zombies.  A high level of intensity must be kept throughout the entire account. I think this is what leads to a very specific personality of the  Zombie book lover.  If you love this type of book, like I do,  Medora will not disappoint!

In Medora, you are introduced to a group of individuals that will stick with you. Keith and his family and friends are the typical American family which all of us can relate to, but the circumstances in this book make me want to stock my vehicle with food and supplies so I can run at the drop of a hat.  It also made me very wishful for more antennas on top of buildings and grateful for all those silly neighbors that leave their Christmas decorations up all year round.  Medora is creative and inventive bringing new thoughts and ideas to some very old, and often hated concepts of life.   I promise not to spoil.

If you love Zombies-you will love Medora, but be prepared to double check your neighbors eyes (and smell), when they tell you they are feeling a little under the weather.

You can find Medora here: http://www.amazon.com/Medora-Zombie-Novel-Wick-Welker-ebook/dp/B00HGMQKZE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1390410654&sr=8-2&keywords=Medora#

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