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With Thanks

With Thanksgiving on the horizon I have been making a conscious effort to feel and think all of the many things that I am thankful for.  There are so many things to be thankful for.

I recently heard for the first time a song by Jewel that says:

I am my father’s daughter, he has his mother’s eyes
I am the product of such sacrifice
I am the accumulation
of the dreams of generations
And their stories run in me, like Holy Water
I am my father’s daughter

View Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK8oI4Dx8DY

I have had a very hard year.  A year where I found one man standing.  One man, only one human being on this planet that can look me in the eye and say, “I’m glad you are mine.”  I had so many before.  So many that I felt their force so strongly in my life.  A life energy that kept me pressing on to do and be a better person.  It feels quite lonely knowing that now, there is only one.  (even though he is a mighty man and I am so blessed)

And in the loss I have searched for and have found joy.  Sometimes in the places that I least expected it, and sometimes I found it missing in those I would have thought I would surely find it.  I’m learning everyday.  Learning how much it matters to make an active positive impact on others.

Today I am overwhelmingly thankful for those who have done that for me.  The people in my life that make me feel home and connected.  I now have my very own tree with very strong roots. I am thankful for those roots, still present, still strong.  Some living their lives so wonderfully that they bring life and energy to them all.  I am thankful for the roots at the base of our family tree.  Both from my side and my better other half.

I have a very good man to help build the tree and hold it steadfast and strong.  We are solid and strong, connected in support, love and trust. My heart is overwhelmed with thanks.

And my sidekicks, those branches, I’m watching them grow. So amazing. Such joy! I am so thankful.

Sometimes, In the strongest of winds, we will bend ever so slightly in need and find ourselves, our tree, being supported and secured by the family trees around us, that branch from our same roots. Together our trees are strong, together we are a forest.  I am thankful for them too.

I am thankful for the sun, and the water.  That feeds and nourishes our forest and our souls. I am thankful for God and his blessings.

With all of this to be thankful for and so much more, I take moments to listen to the air around me, the whispers in the wind, the stories in my veins and I can’t help but feel, if only I could hear the right wavelengths, there would be voices all around me saying, “I’m so glad your mine, go and do good things, bring joy to others, and share my stories(love),” and maybe, just maybe, the feather touch of my momma’s hand on my cheek as leaves from my tree.

I’m thankful for my family every day, and in special gratitude, an active awareness and action on Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for my Forest!


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Plugging In

There are so many posts and so many articles on the use of the “handheld computers” we so love and how they make us miss out on life-that really, just make me feel crummy.  I myself recently was informed, “No texting while playing Barbies.” Touche little one, this is not the proper way to train a sidekick.   Along with my other many shortcomings, my phone may be one of them.  I am also, though, trying to find the good in all things, or maybe just justifying my actions.  I loose my phone at least ten times a day, I know this, because I am looking for it.  Why then do I still have it, well it is just this.

It’s a connection that I have to world.


I just moved to a new place.  I don’t live near my family or friends (but working at making some new ones), and I am not employed out of the home.  I love my sidekicks.  They are my whole world, but sometimes I need a little something more. I need to keep learning and growing too, so I look to others in my life for that.  I need inspiration and motivation and I have many people in my life that help provide that for me.  I think I am pretty good at face to face conversation and can still hold my own.  I am not out at lunch in a restaurant, ignoring my family while on my phone, but I realize that I have learned new skills and new conversation options by “plugging in”. Again-a belief in all things in ration.

With my business background I understand the importance of global conversation and how the world is changing-technology skills are important too.  Historically, I talked with extended family, once a year at our family reunion, but now, I get to see new babies, and new jobs with the click of a button.

So I agree to disagree a little here, I will put down my phone while playing barbies, but I will probably check in on people a couple of times a day, because being honest with myself about my limitations makes me feel better.  I don’t feel like a failure if I set realistic expectations.  By not comparing myself to others and just doing the best I can everyday I think I will grow, and hopefully get better at this training thing. Maybe this post should really be about self expectations, and not my phone, but I digress.

(I sure hope my phone and I don’t get struck by lightning–okay, not really but I thought this picture was neat)


photo by: David Blaikie

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