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Keeper of the Flame

This poem I wrote for my friend.  A friend who shared with me a most beautiful love letter.  A friend who has lost so much.  A friend I love.

I think of my mother so much this time of year, and this is so true for her too and I thought of her too, very much, when I wrote it.  Happy Mother’s Day mom.  I sure love you!

Keeper of the Flame

I’m the keeper of the flame, your flame, you left it here in me

So in your great big steps before, like you, I’ll try to be

You’ve been gone so long it feels, and yet moments only it seems

But you visit me, you whisper to me, and I feel you in my dreams


It’s hard to make the world remember, and I worry they will forget

and how am I to share your stories with those, you never met?

I try so hard and sometimes fail the flame it flickers black

Then I stoke it with your love, and mine, and the flame comes quickly back


Often in my quiet moments the flame it burns so strong

So I hide, and hover, tears on my cheeks, knowing I must be strong

For to your ash I cannot turn, for others still need me

And all this need I have for you, is that not what God did see?


But I tuck your flame in close to my heart and weather the angry storm

For it’s there I need your warmth the most, It’s there the flame was born

You passed to me a love so great and gave the best pieces of you

I’m thankful for those, and the flame I bear, but I miss you and it’s heavy too


Now I’m left reflecting on this very flame and the legacy left behind

The obligation you left for me, although it sometimes feels unkind

I know I’m left to share your tales and help our family to see

The fire that you left behind will always burn in me


I hope your heart swells with joy, my gift to you each day

That I share with others when I can, the kindness you gave away

I hope you feel proud of who I’ve become since you left your fire with me

You walked here first, I follow now, like you I hope to be


I’m the keeper of the flame, your flame, I’ll keep it burning bright

For you, for them, and too often now because I need your light

My love for you will never go out and all will know your name

Because for you, I now know my place, I’m the keeper of the flame



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