Heaven’s Farmer

Today is my Grandfathers funeral. He was such a wonderful man and I will miss him greatly.  To learn a little more about him, see this post here:  For today, here is a poem that I wrote for him.  He will be so missed.

Heaven’s Farmer


I figured it out just last night, while lying in my bed

With thoughts of you, and memories too, running through my head

Heaven’s to be a beautiful place, more pretty than the rest

And God needed a farmer to tend his fields and picked the very best

I can see him now upon his throne searching the heart of each soul

I must keep looking, for my farmer’s hand, when I see him I will know


He needed a man who loved the land, just as much as he

A man with respect and a special heart that all beauty he could see

He needed a man who’d always work hard and show up every day

Who loved the work and the earth, the produce would be his pay

This man would have a heart of gold and always give his last

To another in need, with outstretched hand, he’d have never passed


The man he needed to sow his fields would be the best of the best

That one, I think, he looks just right, his works better than the rest

See this one has a memory and makes it easier for me

He saw it all and loved it all, blessed was his life story

And look at that family, he is so proud, it is his greatest feat

Oh this man, he’s a wonderful one, this farmer can’t be beat


And even more he sees that wife who’s always by his side

Yes, she’s the one who helped this farmer on his lifelong ride

A keeper she is and he worked hard, to show her she’s the one

The one he loves with all his heart, that love it isn’t done

But this farmers hand is needed now to ready all the land

For Heaven’s pastures need this man and his gentle hand


This man is great and makes me proud he always shows his love

That’s a blessing, seldom found, it came from up above

He used it well, throughout his life and for that I am proud

This man he lived a quiet life but his outcome it was loud

I think he’s the one to tend my fields and care for my pasture cows

I know it’ll be hard, and his hole will be great but I need this farmer now


I’ll miss this man and his gentle heart, his advice, and laughter too

I’ll miss his joy in all his stories, as if his eyes I could see through

I’ll miss his love and constant presence of good that’s on this earth

I’ll miss this farmer, and his words, that always showed my worth

I’ll miss his gentle spirit and the joy that showed each time

My babies jumped upon his lap and he’d say, “I’m glad your mine.”


I’ll miss the simple moments just sitting in a chair

And although asleep his presence strong, us breathing the same air

I’ll miss his strong example of love for that lady, his wife

I’ll miss his joy, his wonder, at everything that’s life

God needed a man who was rugged tough, but also had hands of love

He needed a man to prepare the fields for when we return above


I’ll remember that as I miss him and wish that he was near

I know he’s in a better place, with no pain and none to fear

But still I feel, here left behind, that life just isn’t fair

For my grandma and her quiet house, she’s now a half of a pair

So for her I’ll be strong and carry on, a smile on my face

Until the day we meet again, another time, another place


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