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10 Things I Learned From My Dad

My Dad is a pretty amazing man.  He helped me to become the person I am today.  The more I look at life, the more I realize that my Dad is a pretty smart man too.  Here are just a few life lessons that I learned from my Dad.

10Puddles are made to jump in. God made rain for a reason.  Yes, we come from a farming background, so there are many needs for rain, but to my Dad-they are made to jump in, enjoy, and give thanks, and thanks should come whether you are in play clothes or your Sunday best. Say thank you, every chance you get!

9-If you drive the car, you can change the tire. It’s important to be independent because you never know when you may be the only one to bail you out.  I learned how to change a tire early on, but I can assure you that if my Dad was anywhere near-by and knew that I had a flat or any type of car trouble, he was the first one to respond.  

8Everyone has good in them. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes a person makes, or if they are openly mean.  It doesn’t matter how many times they take advantage of another person or hurt someones feelings, somewhere, inside there is good.  Through kindness and compassion you can find it. Forgive.  It may take time, but it is worth it. If for some reason they won’t let you in, be kind anyway, but you can love from a distance if it is doing more harm to you than good.

7-Life is too long to be unhappy.  I know the saying most often goes, life’s too short to be unhappy, but my Dad once said, “Life is too damn long to be unhappy, sis” and it’s so true. If you have to change something in your life to truly be happy, then get it done.  You are wasting some valuable times of joy.

6-A lady doesn’t swear. She does, however, stand up for herself.  She can fix almost anything on her own, but it’s okay to let someone open her door.  A lady says “No” but is kind to others and includes everyone. A lady knows how to work, is independent, and never gives up.


5-A perfect dinner includes Chili Cheese Dogs and things that start with P.  My Dad makes a mean Chili Cheese Dog and is one of my favorite meals with him.  For dinner to be complete though it must also include Pickles, Popcorn, and his People.  Family and friends are the most important in his life.  There’s always room for more at the table, and if needed, he will even offer a ride.

4-Dream Big. I am pretty sure that my Dad thought I was the best at whatever I did.  While that is not true, he did show me that if I really want something and I am willing to work for it, I can probably have it.  He also loves the stars and showed me that our world is so much bigger than us.  There is so much more to life than just what we can touch.  So if it can be imagined, it can probably happen.

3-It’s probably not as bad as it feels right now. This has a double meaning. My Dad taught his girls to be tough, and get back on the horse.  Sometimes though, we really should have stayed off-received stitches-or visited a doctor, however, we have great stories, some scars, and a lot of pride for our accomplishments.  He also has a way of making sure that when times are tough, we know there is a silver lining and it will get better.  When it does get better, he reminds us of how far we have come.  My sisters and I depend on him as our constant in life.  He is our North Star.

2-Tools for life are: a Leatherman, duct tape, WD-40, twine, and a little plywood never hurt.  Pretty much anything can be fixed (or built) if you have those tools on hand.  Some may consider the fix temporary, but if it lasts-that’s permanent wouldn’t you say?

1-Family First and Always. Anything for family.  Anytime.  This also includes, neighbors, friends, and that guy down the street that you have never met, but saw one time. Okay maybe not quite that far, but my Dad will do anything for anyone, but especially his family.  I know he will be there for me no matter what.  This includes a late night drive in the snow for a night in the hospital, a flight across country to drive his daughter home, or smaller, a call at the end of the day to check on something important.  He is a truly amazing man and I am so blessed to call him Dad.

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