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Sacrifices Made for the Unsupportive


I’m frustrated. So, I have some stats I want to throw out there.  These are close, maybe not 100% but close and represent annual rates in the United States:

-An average of 35,000 people are killed in traffic accidents

-An average of 17,000 people die from illegal drug overdoses

-An average of 16,000 people are victims of homicide

That’s and average of 68,000 deaths in just those three categories annually.

-On an average year, 125 officers lose their life in the line of duty.

-In an average year 11,000 people around the world lose their life as a result of terrorism.  The United States doesn’t even make the list of the top ten countries in that number.

-On an average year, 249 members of our military lose their life in active situations. (very similar percentage when compared)


I am a patriot.  I am so thankful for the Veterans and members of our military that put their life on the line every day for my family, for our country. I am teaching my young sidekicks the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner.  I believe in our country and I am grateful to our members of the military.

I am also a police officers wife and just the other day I heard a young child say that “Police Officers are bad.”.  I hear complaints every week about being issued a speeding ticket, or receiving a DUI or a drug possession charge.  It’s always the officers fault.

And every stop is of concern to me as his wife.  I never know what is going to happen to my husband.

I know that people say there are some officers that are bad, but there are also some military members that are bad, some school teachers that don’t teach, some public representatives that misuse funds and yet, they are all still celebrated and appreciated every day.

I just wish that the sacrifice my husband makes every day of trying to protect our citizens from our own kind of demons (our domestic terrorists if you will) would allow him a little kindness and respect from the members of our community that he works so hard to protect.  I wish this for all officers.

I venture to guess, even, that the grief felt by the families of the 68,000 loved ones lost is no less than the grief felt by the families of the 11,000 worldwide lost due to terrorism.  Different circumstances, but still loved.

I am proud of my husband.  I am proud when he issues a speeding ticket to someone who is speeding, he may have saved the child crossing the sidewalk up ahead.  I am proud when he issues a DUI for it is my child he may have saved.  I am proud when he gives a ticket for possession of drugs, because maybe that person will work harder to stay clean.  Maybe it is the one thing that needed to take place to help change a life and stop the next overdose.  I am proud when he responds to domestic disputes and offers a helping hand to the victim and encouragement to make a new life.  I am proud of him. I am proud of all of our officers all across the country and I am just as thankful to them for my families protection as I am to our members of the military.  Thank you!



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