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I have been watching the news of Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Department for the past two days.  I have seen so much hatred.  I then pull up social media and find so much of the same on the feed.  I thought of remaining quiet, but I can’t.

Where does this hatred for all of our police officers come from?  Are we so naive to think that the only actions our officers take are those that make the front page of the media?  Do we forget what they do everyday?

Not long ago I wrote this.  It is so disheartening to see the lack of support for those who give so much to our community.  It appears that as a community we only want the police when we need the police.  Does that mean that because you are not in a time of need that someone else is not?  We all know that the rate of violent crimes are increasing nationwide. We also know that the number of police officers being shot or ambushed is also on the rise.  Does that not mean that officers also need to increase their level of self-preservation?  I wonder if we asked Officer’s Johnson’s family their thoughts what they might say?

Instead we respond with, hate, rioting, stealing from the innocent, public negative posts about the whole-whose members hope to protect us.

140810_ferguson_riots_lg riot

When you are running away from a situation, they are running in.  How many guns or weapons do you encounter on your job in a given day? How many people threaten to kill you, or hit you?  How many people per day say, “I hate you scum pig?”  If this happened everyday would you go back to work?  When you saw that same name calling, hating citizen in the street bleeding, would you then run to give aid?  The police officer does.  Everyday the police officer does.

Please don’t think that these situations don’t add up.  Don’t think that the officers involved in job related shootings aren’t going home wishing that instead they would have had a day off.  They were called there, to the scene by you or me.  They didn’t pick to go, someone said “help me.” It is so incredibly sad that a young man lost his life. There were decisions on both sides that led to that.  In every shooting situation there is a sad outcome with many stories.  You may say that some officers are bad.  That may be the case, but certainly not all.  Some teachers are bad. Some electricians are bad.  Some contractors are bad. Does that make them all bad?

If you hate the police I can make a simple educated assumption that the reason is that you have had a negative interaction i.e. you were breaking the law and/or guilty of breaking the law and/or wanting to break the law and/or hiding something.  Right?  These officers are there to keep the peace, to protect us, to walk in when we run out.  These officers are good and they do good and deserve respect as a whole.  Anger at one officer should not be portrayed to all.

I hope that the day does not come when you “need” an officer. I hope that the time does not force you to respect and support. I know I will never change someones opinion or thoughts but I hope as you think of these things that maybe you start to change yourself.  Put your energy of hate and asking for change instead to the abused child, instead to the schools who need support to keep weapons out of their doors, instead to stopping the drugs that are finding themselves in elementary school kid’s hands.

Thank you to the good officers out there.  To the ones who continue to go to work everyday to protect me and my family. Go home safe to your family!

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Sacrifices Made for the Unsupportive


I’m frustrated. So, I have some stats I want to throw out there.  These are close, maybe not 100% but close and represent annual rates in the United States:

-An average of 35,000 people are killed in traffic accidents

-An average of 17,000 people die from illegal drug overdoses

-An average of 16,000 people are victims of homicide

That’s and average of 68,000 deaths in just those three categories annually.

-On an average year, 125 officers lose their life in the line of duty.

-In an average year 11,000 people around the world lose their life as a result of terrorism.  The United States doesn’t even make the list of the top ten countries in that number.

-On an average year, 249 members of our military lose their life in active situations. (very similar percentage when compared)


I am a patriot.  I am so thankful for the Veterans and members of our military that put their life on the line every day for my family, for our country. I am teaching my young sidekicks the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner.  I believe in our country and I am grateful to our members of the military.

I am also a police officers wife and just the other day I heard a young child say that “Police Officers are bad.”.  I hear complaints every week about being issued a speeding ticket, or receiving a DUI or a drug possession charge.  It’s always the officers fault.

And every stop is of concern to me as his wife.  I never know what is going to happen to my husband.

I know that people say there are some officers that are bad, but there are also some military members that are bad, some school teachers that don’t teach, some public representatives that misuse funds and yet, they are all still celebrated and appreciated every day.

I just wish that the sacrifice my husband makes every day of trying to protect our citizens from our own kind of demons (our domestic terrorists if you will) would allow him a little kindness and respect from the members of our community that he works so hard to protect.  I wish this for all officers.

I venture to guess, even, that the grief felt by the families of the 68,000 loved ones lost is no less than the grief felt by the families of the 11,000 worldwide lost due to terrorism.  Different circumstances, but still loved.

I am proud of my husband.  I am proud when he issues a speeding ticket to someone who is speeding, he may have saved the child crossing the sidewalk up ahead.  I am proud when he issues a DUI for it is my child he may have saved.  I am proud when he gives a ticket for possession of drugs, because maybe that person will work harder to stay clean.  Maybe it is the one thing that needed to take place to help change a life and stop the next overdose.  I am proud when he responds to domestic disputes and offers a helping hand to the victim and encouragement to make a new life.  I am proud of him. I am proud of all of our officers all across the country and I am just as thankful to them for my families protection as I am to our members of the military.  Thank you!



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A Police Officer’s Wife

A tragedy has befallen our local community.  Sgt. Cory Wride of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office was killed in the line of duty.  A routine stop to help a motorist in need.  Something done every day, a kind act, resulted in the loss of his life.  It breaks my heart for his family, and it terrifies me.

I have sat today, glued to the television waiting for every update.  Wanting someone to say, this is isolated and it will never happen again.  But it does, over and over again.  Officers responding to a call, trying to keep the public safe, are all but safe themselves.  Every stop a risk, every call a game of roulette.


I am an officer’s wife.  I am not noble.  I do not give my life to the service of others every day.  I do not vow to work any hour needed to protect and to serve.  No I do not do that, but, my husband, he does do that and so much more every single day.

I have not been an officer’s wife for very long.  My husband just joined the force a couple of years ago.  I was somewhat un-supportive of the decision at first.  This was a big change for our family and I was nervous, but I came around so my husband could follow his dream, and I am so glad that I did. He was made to be a cop.  He is protective, supportive, kind, caring, and most of all he cares about the community as a whole.  He wears his uniform with pride and class.  I am very proud of him.  I know when he goes to work every day that he is doing something that he loves and something that really matters.  He is an amazing example to our children, and I am proud of him.

I am also fearful.  He is not in the most dangerous department in the country.  It is not common that he will be in a high risk situations, and he is probably in one of the most community supported departments in the state.  This is good.

However,  this is also bad, very bad, because high risk is not always common, the level of protection may not always be there to keep my husband safe.  I know my husband is good and takes precautions just Like Sgt. Wride, but, he may be the only one to respond to an all too common, driver in need of assistance too.  I worry about him and those that he works with.

Every day our officers put their lives on the line.  They do it willingly, it is a part of the job. They are the first called when something goes wrong, the first to respond to an accident, and the first to walk into dangerous situations to the protect the lives of citizens of their community. Every day they go to work knowing there is risk.  They are amazing individuals. I respect them.

I also have great respect for Sgt. Wride’s wife and family. I cannot even understand what they are going through at this difficult time, but I am sure there is a lot of anger.  Anger at the man who killed their loved one, their hero.  Anger at the job for not keeping him safe-it isn’t supposed to happen this way.  Anger for all the missed moments while their husband was working swing, then grave, then day, then weekend, then weekday….so that their schedules made it difficult to spend quality time together.  Anger.   I am also sure that there will be a lot of pride coming soon.  Pride for the man who gave all to others.  Pride for the sacrifice that each one of them made so that he could save the lives that there is no doubt that he did.  Pride for the man that showed all of us what humanity looks like.

To all the police officers and their families….Thank you!  Trust me, I know it can be hard, but it matters…and it is appreciated.


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