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An Olympic Sized Lesson

This is really a guest post by my girl one, but she is a little too small to type on her own just yet.

We love the Olympics at our house.  After watching one evening my four year old came up with an idea. An idea of Epic Proportions.  “Let’s have our own Olympics!”

Yes, Let’s!!

So the next morning she woke up with big plans for our little family.  It came with crafts.  Lots of crafts.  We made a torch, medals, and a US Flag.


The key to the post lies here.

She made them.  Yes I helped when asked, but she did most of the work.  She wrote the numbers, she cut the flames, she picked the ribbon all of it.  The result-super cool medals for everyone, one cool torch, a unique America flag, and one very happy and proud little girl.  I could have taken over a little more, helped her write the letters, or cut individual flames for the torch, then, taken pictures of the final product and pinned them to pintrest.  I may have gotten a few likes from my very supportive friends, but instead I let her run with it.  She was delighted, her whole face showed it.  These were her Olympics.

Next up, the events.  She was most excited about the speed skating and the figure skating.  We live in a climate that we could have made some events outside, but she had other plans.  Blankets covered the floor of our speed skating ring.  The keyboard acted as background to our figure skating competition.  We had a mattress and pillows for our ski jumping, and used farm animals for a grand curling competition.  We even had the torch ceremony with real Olympic background music where we talked about being Americans.

The events were so much fun.  She wanted to win them all.  But she didn’t.  We learned lessons on being happy for others and working hard.  We laughed so much and made so many memories that this will absolutely happen every Olympics.


The truth is: My sidekick is actually the one teaching me. Her creativity has no limits.  If I give her the rains just a little, this girl child can run free.  What an inspiration.  I am looking forward to seeing, just how she is going to change the world, because no doubt, she will move mountains.  I need to see the world through her eyes a little more, and mine a little less.  She sees everything, even if sometimes I think she is too young to understand.  Even when I think she is too young to participate, maybe, I just need to look more from her level so even I can enjoy life a little more.

Go get ’em America!  Our whole family is cheering for you!  Lesson learned!

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